High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles

Brown DEEMI Humvee

DEEMI currently has five HMMWVs, two of which are in full SAR multi-mission configuration. They serve on in a number of ways in SAR missions as a scout vehicle, FLIR imaging unit, medical provisions transport, providing crew support, volunteer deployment in remote areas and recovery of same, communications relay vehicle, water fording and water rescues, providing night lighting with high intensity light bars, and other unique missions.  The Maine Military Authority fully rebuilt standard M998 HMMWVs into our Search and rescue specification in 2010.  We fully appreciate what they have done to advance our mission, they have been instrumental in many of our missions finding and helping those lost and missing.

Often, when searches take us in the backwoods or rough country where pickups and like vehicles cannot traverse, our Humvees are assisted by local Jeep 4-wheel drive clubs, many of whom are also DEEMI volunteers.