DEEMI is a nonprofit (501(c)(3)) with a goal to improve Medevac techniques and Search and Rescue in the State of Maine and New England Region. The institute’s interests include research in EMS, Search and Rescue, and Disaster response. These are reflected in our mission statement.


DEEMI responds to requests from SAR, Law Enforcement, Fire Rescue and EMS services. In addition we respond to family requests with release.  Many of our members are also members among SAR/Fire and EMS services.  In addition we have MD’s and licensed medical personel who interact with family in both a support and a medical history role. This is vital in many cases as many agencies do not have this training level nor understand its need. In conjunction with our 180 plus volunteers from these multiple agencies, we can offer SAR services with significant search capability.

To enhance and utilize the various skills of our members, DEEMI operates 3 aircraft including a SAR support helicopter UH-1V former army Medevac model, a twin engine Grumman Cougar over water search aircraft, and also a enhanced digital imaging single engine Citabria Alaskan bush plane. When the mission dictates, we call out our sUAS team and primarily operate an Inspire 1 with FLIR thermal camera, which has the ability to drop various payloads.. We also operate HMMWV, Land Rover, and other 4WD trucks (PV4WD). Our ground teams operate ATV, M-Gator,  snowmobile and standard ground search modes when required.


We have 3 Disaster trailers for deployment of teams, self supporting and with a medical emphasis.


DEEMI acquired and built a new Hangar at Bangor International Airport c. 2002. That allowed consolidation and improved maintenance for our aircraft at a fixed location that offered the AVITAT services to General Aviation at this airport. It also centralized assets to our members. DEEMI’s hanger is Dedicated to Sgt. Richard Menkins who was killed by hezbolla terrorists in Lebanon in 1983 while serving as a Marine. Work sessions occur at this hanger, and security is maintained by airport personnel for our assets in this manner. (above photo)   DEEMI volunteers, Medics, wardens, and other SAR teams bringing out a missing UMaine professor lost while hunting late fall 2015 to the HMMWV to move him to the ambulance over local logging and access roads and fields to the ambulance. Note the mud level on the wheels getting in.