This page is devoted to those volunteers we have lost in recent years. Their invaluable, selfless acts and dedicated volunteering have made DEEMI a better Search and Rescue Organization.


Isaac Greenlaw of Bangor, Maine, was a long time volunteer who worked in the Imagery, HMMWV, Medical, and other sections. He was a licensed Medic, and Firefighter, and trained in imagery from aircraft for DEEMI. Isaac passed away September 7, 2018. His dedication to serving others will be surely missed.


Phillip Webb (middle) led the team that is now the DEEMI Board of Directors through the creation process of the Medical College of Virginia’s EMS system.  His military service with Special Forces in Vietnam and Laos qualified him to act as MCV EMS Commander in Chief.  During his wartime career, he was wounded in action against regular NVA troops and received the Silver Star for his efforts.  Following Vietnam, he trained as a pump perfusionist and worked with Dr. Hume on the second heart transplant ever performed.  Later, he was the Director of MCV hospitals with over 120 direct reports.  Phil’s rules are the honor code of the DEEMI organization.


Tim Apple –  Paramedic, Masters in Hospital Administration, long Term 23  years on Board of DEEMI and a great predictor of trends and challenges in EMS. He was EMS supervisor at MCV Hospital.


Dr. Martin Lenhardt was a professor of biomedical engineering at the Medical College of Virginia.  He published over 100 peer reviewed scientific research papers and has raised millions of dollars in support of his research interests.  Marty led the research efforts of DEEMI and through NATO, has published research on helicopter acoustical studies.

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Paul Wheeler (left in blue jumpsuit) – combat helicopter Pilot in Vietnam for three tours including operation Lam son 719 where he was shot down three times in one day. Volunteer with DEEMI for 20-years as our chief Huey pilot. He also flew for LifelFlight.

Michael Bowie 1

Michael Bowie (son of director Richard Bowie). Michael flew early training mission with Huey pilots Paul Wheeler and Phil Flagg.  He crew-chiefed with Chuck Rodway. Most notably, Michael designed and created DEEMI’s original logo. 

Michael Bowie 2

A young Michael Bowie