Welcome to (DEEMI) Down East Emergency Medicine Institute Our goal is to improve Medevac techniques and Search and Rescue in the State of Maine and the New England region.

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–> We’re pleased to be working closely with UMaine  biomedical and electrical/ mechanical engineering students in ground-breaking research  for advanced Search & Rescue technics and with special projects. Read about this valuable relationship. -webpage link-

–> We’re looking foward to May 1, Maine Day at UMaine, when student volunteers from the Bodwell Center For Service and Volunteerism  once again join us to help us clean and reset our vehicles, equipment and supplies.

–> Watch our featured video, professionally produced by DJI  to learn much more about DEEMI’s mission and the people we serve. -video link-



Watch the FEATURED VIDEO below by DJI  to learn more about

DEEMI’s mission and the people we serve.