Welcome to the webpage for Down East Emergency Medicine Institute (DEEMI). Our goal is to improve Medevac techniques and Search and Rescue in the State of Maine and the New England region.

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Use the pull-down menus on each page to navigate around. Read more about who we are and what we do, our abilities, our volunteers, operations, search missions and the research & development projects we are doing with the University of Maine. You can also read about searches and rescues by others, local and abroad.


Our CURRENT or RECENT Searches

Lynch Thomas 2

03/14/19     We will continue our search for 47-year oldThomas ‘Tommy’ Lynch, Jr. who was reported missing on September 8, 2018. Mr. Lynch was last seen in the Bangor WalMart and Kobe’s area . A recent Bangor Daily News article is found  -here-. Also, see Bangor PD’s info on lostnmissing.org webpage – here-     WABI TV ran a couple of articles and a video -here- and -here-.   Foxbangor and Q106.5 each posted a short story found -here- and -here-, respectively.


We will be continuing our search this spring for pilot Lewis “Billy” Hogan, Jr. We’re inspired by his brother Jerome’s commitment and dedication to find his brother and Billy’s downed aircraft. Jerome’s statement “I am not going to give up until we find him or I am in the ground” motivates us. See 03/07/19 article -here-

Billy Hogan Jr 1

After receiving new information from another eye witness account, ground search teams and UAVs are back at Waldo Mountain in Frankfort, Maine looking for the downed plane piloted by 28-year old Lewis “Billy” Hogan Jr, missing since May 2, 1972. UAV teams continue to fly and image the rugged Mt Waldo terrain on an as-available basis. UPDATE 10/15/15 – we have expanded our searching to nearby Mosquito Mountain and an unnamed hill to the southeast based on recent information.